Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

Wendy Shay crops kelvyn bwoy from the press conference peace group picture

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The current trending story on Social media seems to be getting more intense as most people believe Kyelvyn Bwoy and Wendy Shay have some scores to settle behind Close doors, can report.

However Wendy Shay on her instagram page seem to have reacted to what Kelvyn Boy did to her as some people believe that she cropped out Kelvyn Boy’s image out of the unity picture she posted on her instagram page.


See photo below :

From the Video going viral on social media , It could be seen that Kelvyn Boy and Blak Cedi(Stonebwoy’s manager) were all part of the photo above .

Most People who have sighted both Visuals have asked Whether The ‘Uber driver’ Hitmaker indeed decided to Crop out Kelvyn Boy from the image as a payback.comments by her fans

Well the answers are best known to Wendy Shay.

Could this be another ‘beef’? Well time will tell.

Stay with us for more updates on this story.

Source: boatengameyaw1


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