Photos: This ‘Oluman’ Just Got Married To A Little Girl And The Internet Can’t Keep Quiet

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If you got upset with the fact that teen Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels got married to 59-year old Ned Nwoko, this report might not be pleasant to you as well.

Despite modernization, some African parents still give out their daughters to old rich men for their own convenience. Well, in the case of Regina, no one forced her to in go for the billionaire who could even pass for her grandfather.

The unanimous consensus amongst everyone on social media is that she got hooked to Ned Nwoko because of his money- PERIOD!

It reflects in this report as well; although most people believe love comes in different forms, not many people believe the union between an obviously elderly man and his very young bride, is love. Photos from their wedding have since gone viral on social media and people are not happy about it.

We can’t readily give the exact location of where this nuptial took place but one common consensus amongst social media users is that many this is yet another case of child abuse as the bride in question looks like a pretty young teenager.

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