Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Actress Fella Makafui curses all those talking ill about her

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Recently, we reported on an interview Fella Makafui granted in the studios of Kumasi based Luv FM when she posited that she can’t understand why Ghanaians hate her so much.

Speaking to DJ Reuben then, she reiterated that she’s just young ambitious lady trying to make life easier and better for herself, therefore, she can’t understand why she always wakes up to read negativity about her.

To tell the world that she’s actually fed up with the ongoing negativity, the wannabe actress cum philanthropist has taken to Instagram to invoke curses on all these who keep crucifying her for obvious reasons.

Deducing from the post, Fella is trying to say that she’s living her life peacefully but some people have been peddling falsehoods about her. Therefore, the time is now to deal with such people. Thus, she has done nothing against anyone to merit such backlash and hating from the public.

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