Watch: God is my manager because most managers posses evil spirits-(Bro Fire) #AdomBi HitMaker

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(Bro Fire) #AdomBi HitMaker

#Get2KnowMore is a show live on Boateng Ameyaw 1TV where we bring unknown facts out thought one on one interviews with your favorite stars, celebs, and known people in Ghana. This was how the conversation began with one of the finest panel of Street News on Pure95.7FM with Mr. Katah. BoatengAmeyaw1 (International Blogger) and the #AdomBi hitMaker Joseph Amoateng (Bro fire / Gospel Artiste).
The young man and a talented gospel musician declared that mysteriously, he used to ministering the gospel through music from region to region without emoluments (I once traveled from Kumasi to Accra for a gospel program and not even my T&T was given, but I didn’t worry because ministering the gospel through music was my motive). He have been writing songs for countless musicians. And any of music is hit and touches the heart of the downhearted.

BOATENG AMEYAW1 was curious to know where he get his songs and he end up saying he got it from a dream and he recorded it on his phone and the next he want to studio to record it. I also ask him about his manager but he pronounced that he has none, and has only God as his manager because most managers posses negative spirit.
This is his maiden album with the title “#Adombi” and there are numerous testimonies concerning this powerful song.

Watch: Exclusive interview with Joseph Amoateng (Bro Fire) #AdomBi HitMaker. True & Sad Story!

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