Watch: My artworks are unique from others and is my vision and mission to raise the flag of art in Ghana — Kaakire Ye Dehyee

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GEORGE KYEREMEH (Kaakire Ye Dehyee) is a Ghanaian visual artist and was one of the excellent student Takoradi Technical University has ever seen. He has exhibited widely building local reputation over several decades. And now training other people with the divine gift of pencil (art) at Ash town in Kumasi.
I asked him in the interview I asked him concerning his vision and mission and he pronounced that he wanted to raise the flag of art in Ghana by extending the helping hand to the youth. He further elaborated that he want to eliminate the the conception of over reliance on the government for employment especially technical graduates.
He again said that his art seems unique from other because he also specialize in 3D drawing and all artistic products.

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