BoatengAmeyaw1News and The Church of Pentecost, Ashtown Assembly Clears Kumasi Ashtown with Sanitation Campaign..

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The BoatengAmeyaw1News family in collaboration with The Church of Pentecost, New Tafo District-Ashtown Assembly teamed up on the morning of Saturday, 7th September, 2019 to clean up Ashtown township in a sanitation campaign themed “Keep Kumasi Clean”.

The move was to help rid the station off filth, predominantly plastic waste and ensure there is sanity and a clean environment for both old and the youth especially the places close to the Ashtown market.
Clad in their BoatengAmeyaw1News branded T-shirts and working gears, with their brooms and dustbins, the combined team swept through the entire Ashtown township and collected all the waste much to the joy and satisfactory smiles of people around and traders who expressed their pleasures at the volunteering work of the group.
On their part, a cross section of people we interacted with complained of the inadequacy of waste bins around for appropriate waste collection which results in littering around. The youth were also advised against indiscriminate waste disposal, and littering especially plastics.
Also The Church of Pentecost, New Tafo District-Ashtown Assembly. The clean up exercise was as part of their chairman’s (Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye) vision, named Environmental Care Campaign. In this, each Assembly is obliged to undertake social interventions including clean up exercise, building of place of convenience (toilet and urinals), roads, schools, prisons, bus terminals, bridges, etc. to enhance the wellbeing of the people and also reduce the burden on the government.
With Kumasi generating about 3000 metric tons of waste daily which results in 19,000 premature deaths annually, social and communal acts like this helps in making sure the environment is a safe place for us all. Let’s not stay aloof and remain unconcerned. Let’s come together and join this campaign in our bid to make sanitation a habit. And we are planning to do it last Saturday of every month… Let’s support keep Kumasi and Ghana Clean. We need Churches, Fan Clubs, Schools, NGOs and others to collaborate for this sanitation campaign themed “Keep Ghana Clean”

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