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Host Relpies from Angry Ghanaians to Shatta Wale after Saying ‘He Don’t Respect Anyone in Ghana’ not even the President, Media and His Family as well

“Let me make it clear to you – I don’t respect anyone in Ghana.

Nobody has done anything for me including my father, mother and the media. Don’t try me because you can’t survive if we start a fight.

I am the only one who can close down a radio station, let the president and Ghana police beg.

I have money more than any Ghanaian artist” he said. What’s your take?

Replies as Follows:

1. You will be like Nebuchadnazer soon you will turn into mad animal

2. Ɛyɛ mawo, respect you know is reciprocal, you are one major problems Ghana is facing.
W’ano sɛ Plasma TV (56 inches).
Wo nsua nyansa gyesɛ dede ne nkwaseasɛm saa w’agyimi. Gain respect like the other artiste because it’s not always about money. Wo nwom basaa sɛ w’anim.
God please give us our Bandana na this Shata Wale is something else, wasei dodo
The media too should not entertain this guy

3.I don’t know much about what conspired this artist to come out to say all these things but, I hope if he come down little and accept Jesus Christ as his saviour I think it will help him rather than boasting of earthly things that is nothing before God.
4.Foolish boy. When did u start making money… where were u when I bought my camaro at age 26. Foool
5.He is the main reason y hard drugs like marijuana, cocaine , tramol and the rest has not been legalized , the authorities fear he will go mad soon when legalized.

6.He should thank Menzgold for seizing our money to buy him a house and cars!
Insane guy! I pity people who follow this big fool who thinks he’s bigger than GHANA!
7.You don’t respect anyone in Gh meanwhile your mama dey for Gh meaning you don’t respect your mama.Aboa Bi ba
8.Concert go to mercury and respect them at least earth has got one big animal like you.toy
9.But just try small to call for war
And u will realize people are in this county.
Ghana is bigger than any artist
10.he says nobody has done anything for him not even his parents, hw much more u SM fan, he no dey book u pple sef
And more……

Boateng Akumfi Ameyaw Reuben, known professionally as Boateng Ameyaw, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, and reporter. #InternationalBlogger