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Ronaldinho has been released from prison after the arrest



Brazilian and Barcelona legend Ronaldinho has regained temporary freedom from the Paraguay prison however will be held under house arrest until further notice. The Brazilian legend was arrested nearby his sibling *Roberto Assis*after supposedly attempting to utilize counterfeit documents to enter the south American country.

Ronaldinho and his brother was said to have been welcome to participate in a couple of promotional events yet all that got impossible as they round up inside the most extreme security.

As the matter of their arrest, the lawyers of the duo have posted a $1.6million (£1.3m) bail on behalf of their clients,after a previous application was denied because authorities deemed the pair to be a flight risk.
After some months and days spend in prison, the judge Gustavo Amarilla has decided that the duo can live in a hotel in Asuncion while they wait trial on their charges.

The Attorney General office issued a warrant for their arrest, charged the player Ronaldinho with using a public document with false content and requested preventative detention” The ministry of interior of Paraguay said in an announcement.

The 2005 Balloon d’Or winner has just observed his Brazilian and Spanish visas seized by Brazil’s expert in 2019 due to isolate lawful issues.

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