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Jackie Appiah & Joycelynn Duma have been allegedly blamed on Social Media for following these scammers, who ended up using one white lady’s bank account to purchase plane tickets and online shopping without the use of physical money to go on Holidays.
Becca’s husband (Oluwatobi Sonni Daniel) a Nigerian entrepreneur and artist manager. Ibrah has also named this man into this whole saga. According to trending information, it has come to our notice that the snaps Ibrah do take concurrently are not recent snaps but rather, he does place his phone on flight mode and after the snap he moves from his current location to a different place to upload all his snaps.
These guys have duped countless numbers of clients whom they’ve all given details to the FBI when they were making reports.
Source: Salma Sandra Anchobiah


”Ibrah has been allegedly accused of trying to seek asylum in America. He allegedly sent an email to the FBI that he will assist them arrest all the Sakawa Boys in Ghana after the Hushpuppi case!! ”
” He then attached in the email that some big men are also behind the Sakawa Boys and he will expose them to FBI too.

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