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A Ghanaian based gold dealer Tony1 officially lunches his biggest time project, (School)



Tony1, a well-known and established gold dealer based in Ghana precisely the Ashanti Region has inaugurate his biggest project, Tony1 educational complex last Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Tony1 educational complex is established in the Ashanti Region, Manso to be precise. Tony1 said due to his past experience in certain communities where there are few schools and and few teachers, therefore, he aims at providing quality education for the citizens of Manso as education is the key to success.

The program was graced by a lot of dignitries, the likes of the Amansie Manhene, Manso Manhene, Amansie South MP, Amansie South DCE Akroboto, Yaw Dabo, Sunsum, Oboy siki, and many more.

Manso and Amansie Manhene express their sincere gratitude to Tony1 on behalf of the people Manso for the good work he has done for the community.

Again, the Manso Manhene advice people to bring their wards to Tony 1 educational complex and also thank, appreciate and bless Business Mogul and Gold Dealer Tony 1 on behalf of Manso people for setting up this beautiful school.

The NPP government is proud of and we are ready to support you on every project, this kind of people we need in Ghana, Amansie NPP chairman notice.

As in the reign covid – 19, PPE’s were provided to the people present and also stationarys were also provided.

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