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COVID-19 : December to be declared as vaccination month to prevent fourth wave – GHS



The Director General for Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye says the month of December is going to be declared as month of Vaccination.

The declaration is expected to be made on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

According to him, after the declaration, it is going to be applicable in January 2021 for specific groups and it becomes effective as soon as the campaign is over.
“We are declaring December as a month of vaccination and it will be launched by the Minister on Tuesday. This mandate will be applicable in January and this mandate will become effective”, the GHS Director stated.

At a ministers’ press briefing today, Dr Kuma Aboagye indicated that the vaccines are going to be mandatory for specific groups of people thus, all the three arms of government, health workers, security personnel, staff and students in secondary and tertiary institutions, workers in government institutions, commercial drivers and mates are expected to be vaccinated.

He also stated emphatically that people who have not been vaccinated would be denied access to places like beaches, sports stadiums and restaurants.
Moreover, the ministry of health believes that after parties and Christmas festivities, the number of COVID-19 cases could rise and therefore there is the need to double the vaccination teams to undertake this exercise as quickly as possible.

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