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Blogger Kobby Kyei’s Review On December Events In Ghana.



This December has seen some of the greatest heights in event organization and entertainment in general in our beloved country.

Ghana welcomed a gargantuan number of people from the diaspora amongst several celebrities worldwide thronging into the motherland for holiday celebrations as expected.
Nearly every event was huge and sold out. This is a good sign of a great future especially for the Ghanaian entertainment industry. A very big shout out to all event organizers, artiste and every stakeholder involved in making december in ghana a huge success.

That said, it’ll also be prudent to address a few things we can improve in the coming years to make it an even more greater success.
The very first issue of concern is the late start of events. Most events started late by the organizers and this I believe has been the norm for several years. For this reason most people attending the shows also arrive late with the notion that the show will start late anyway even if they arrive on time. The show ends up running deep into the night and some even till dawn. It is my hope that in coming years event organizers will stick to their word and run events according to the designated time.

Also, I noticed event organizers hardly make provision for the media and bloggers on the event floor itself. Granted, media accreditation is duely given as standard and that is very commendable. However, spaces must be created at the stage front for example for the media and bloggers to freely operate. Many times the media struggles to find convenient spaces to take coverage of events and it’s my hope that event organizers will take notice and address this problem.

Another area of concern is the ticket allocation problem. Many at times people that purchased vip tickets end up at regular seats and vice versa due to poor coordination on the event floor. This is unacceptable.
I’ll also like to challenge event organizers to have more daytime shows just like they do night shows going forward. This is standard everywhere else in the world especially during huge festive holiday seasons.

Last but not the least I’ll send a huge commendation to the few organizers that organized kid shows to ensure our kids weren’t left out of the fun.
In conclusion you’ll agree with me that Ghana has become the new Las Vegas where everyone regardless where they’re in the world wants to come have some fun especially during the festive season. The whole world either was in the motherland or had an eye to be here. In light of that the government, creative industry and all stakeholders must have a deliberate agenda of selling the Ghanaian culture during this period. There must be a deliberate agenda to sell and promote Ghanaian music, food, fashion etc.

Ghanaian music for example must start playing right from our airports to radio stations to Djs etc. There must be a deliberate agenda to promoting ourselves and that I can’t stress enough.
It is my hope that Ghana becomes a shining light in the world not just in its democratic dispensation or natural resources but also through our entertainment and creative industry.

Source: Blogger Kobby Kyei

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